A vocal quartet of young sopranos, united by the passion for the opera and the idea of spreading the excellence of Italian music, with class and elegance.


Their pursuit of a mould-breaking language, involves a wide-ranging audience, beyond classical music lovers. 




The path starts with the reinterpretation of celebrated opera arias and goes through the rework of renowned Italian and international pop songs, where the blending of classical vocalism and pop rhythm, becomes the centerpiece that defines the identity of the ensemble.




10 years of collaboration with  ANDREA BOCELLI  

LE DIV4S debut in 2008 alongside Andrea Bocelli, under the direction of Maestro Marcello Rota.

Their keep going collaboration brought them to perform worldwide as Guest Stars in his 


Andrea Bocelli Live at:


Andrea Bocelli Passion World Tour:

  • Europe: Prague, Belgrade, Bucarest, Koln, Budapest
  • Asia: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur
  • Emirates Arabs United: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • South America: Mexico, Santiago del Chile, Lima, Guatemala City
  • USA: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Washington,Tampa, Atlanta, New York


Andrea Bocelli The Great Italy :

at Italian historical 

and International big venues




LE DIV4S Concerts Activity


Stepping on prestigious stages, they receive everywhere great acclaim from critics and the public.


At impressive Night of the Proms, they performed before audiences of hundreds of thousands as the only Italian artists invited to sing in a line up of world stars like: Seal, James BluntMick Hucknall of Simply Red and Nile Rodgers with the Chic

in cities like: Hamburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Arnhem, Berlin, Bremen, Charleroi, Copenaghen, Dortmund, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Hannover, Kiel, Koln, Lodz, Luxembourg, Mannheim, Munich, Rotterdam, and Stuttgart


LE DIV4S in concert at: 


LE DIV4S live show Opera Tour at:


Original concerts in theatres of the Ancient Greece 



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