ART is a mediator of the unspeakable” 



Marco Papa


Unusual visual artist, refined draftsman and sculptor following his research he has created works that go beyond ingenuity and designer, becoming visions of “Works Events”, complex daring multimedia installations.

His altruism and defense of beauty and creation led him to found the association “L’Uomo sulla Terra” in Erice, inviting the artists and the territory to dialogue to bring out the human, social, historical and environmental values ​​of the Western Sicily.

Manuela Mollwitz


"Art opens the door to my heart and leaves the viewer inebriated":  

in her paintings, sculptures, jewelry and projects, Manuela Mollwitz seeks clear lines and smooth surfaces and does not want to hide anything with her art, but openly opposes the observer

Her works show women with a certain erotic charisma, reflecting her understanding of the female genre and highlighting how women with their eroticism, combined with intelligence, strength, empathy and beauty, play an indispensable role in our society



Marco Papa is interested in the evocative power of images conveyed by the media. He adapts them and create his own reality in the series Immagini Dipinte (Painted Images), intervening with graphite on pages torn from art, design and fashion catalogues and magazines, printed since 1996.

They are reformulated three-dimensionally since 2006, an organic core of carbon fiber-graphite forms in the sculptural series of ingenuity called Oggetti Dipinti (Painted Objects). 
The matrix of this series of works is man and his dimension. The artist uses classic sculpture techniques for the modeling, and industrial state-of-the-art technology for the production of the works

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