Marco Acerbi


With a degree in Mass Media & Visual Communications and university studies in Public Relationswhile supported by his soccer player salary and a successful activity as a talent model for advertisement, he intensely formed himself in the Performing Arts studying in the best schools of Milano, Cannes, London, and New York



The genre “musical” was not an option in Italy at that time, then his career proceeded carrying on separately the roles of singer, soloist dancer and actor, mostly in television (all of 6 italian networks) and live shows, especially for large audiences.


He was touring stadiums and arenas as a guest solo singer with the late and beloved Gene Anthony Rayin his show directed by George Faison, when I was additionally appointed as the Company Manager, entrusting Marco not only the worldwide acclaimed Leroy (the star of movie & TV serial Fame) but also the whole cast of over 30 great Broadway performers and musicians.


Similarly, for a whole season, he served as “back up voice and tour manager” to italian pop star Riccardo Fogli 


These experiences have begun to shift his career to more managerial roles, leading him in the 90’s to conceive, direct and produce shows mainly for corporate entertainment.



Conventions, products launches, incentives, gala dinners promotional tours, private socials and others kind of special events, including sportswear dance fashion-shows for single brands and collective ones for Fiera Milano International and other exhibition organizers.


Along the intense activity collecting skills and competencies on the field, Marco was soon asked to take also care of strategic and logistic issues, realizing media products, scouting venues and suppliers of any kind. He ended up in running events in their entirety, sometimes enjoying featured performing participations, hosting the shows himself .


He collaborated with global companies tutoring their italian & european branches, among which frequently: Kellogg, brands part of Kraft FoodsBeiersdorfL'Oreal, and Henkel. 




With several roles, he took part at seven different world launches in Italy, France, Germany & Greece of Yamaha Motor Company 


Marco worked with european branches of global companies such as Harley Davidson and Timberland for which he brought their fashion shows from the warmth of Portofino 5*L’s docks to the cold of the snow beach (where Magic Mountain was written) with an outdoor night show the day after the super armoured World Economic Forum’s farewell event. 





Marco gave life to a Lavazza Calendar at its press world launch in Barcelona, after molecular food was served by Ferran Adrià (now partner of Cirque du Soleil’s founder in Ibiza).


Moët Be Fabulousthe first ever “motto” associated to  champagne it was celebrated at an international gala with a show that Marco conceived, produced and directed with artists coming from 3 different continents.




Not being interested in pursuing a “heavily business committed” life, Marco allowed himself to take often the time to study Asian body and mind disciplines at Center for holistic bodywork and development of consciousness in Switzerland and at WatPo Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School in Bangkok.
Later he progressively managed to narrow his interests back to entertainment and after having created a danced live version of Cerino's revolutionary Four Seasons to promote Severn 8 (the most expensive address in the world), he extended his commitments in the Far East, especially working for Sun Hung Kai (Hong Kong largest property company) and in Thailand for Toyota Motor Corporation and other brands cared by Adv & PR giant Denstu

Marco continued to enjoy also hosting events, including few ones for the World Food Program, with which he lately happened to collaborate again in two editions of the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experienceby Conde Nast and Emaar, jointly to benefit the largest humanitarian agency of the United Nations.


In both cases, Marco collaborated directly with the presidency chairs.

At 2000 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome he was a delegate President's team for the Gorbachev Foundation

He served as "Artistic Director for the public activities" of ING Bank in the period of its triumphant settlement in Italy, including hosting an international gala with the global group of CEOs. 


Lately, he took charge of the Artistic Direction and Live Show Production for Banca Mediolanum national conventions, which 2015 edition was awarded at Best Event Awards for the Live Entertainment.


For an event he conceived and directed in Montecarlo to celebrate Libyan Football Federation's bidding to host FIFA World Cup Marco got the chance to choose among the best new circus artists available worldwide.  


Having had access to this élite, he became a circus expert to the extent of being later awarded in St Petersburg at 1st Planetary Carnival of Stage Direction and to take part with his partner at Festival International di Cirque de Montecarlo as the only artist ever performed with two different acts in the same edition

In fact in 2007, at a circus festival in Paris, Marco met a talented acrobat, with which he fell in love quite instantly and got married the year after.

They gradually started to share her artistic career, developing repertoire and artist’s image. 

Despite 2008 world crisis affected also event entertainment, they soon got worldwide a successful reputation and high-end positioning of a priceless performer, with probably no other precedents in the nouveau cirque history.


The copious and precious resume, including godfathering many institutional events and luxury brands opening/launches, was achieved in the name of a brand new artistic discipline that they called PHYSICAL POETRY



Marco took charge of the full management, press/PR and marketing, rigging/pulling aerial performances, practice daily physiotherapy, artistic advisory, stage direction, shooting photographs and videos.  


They also created and performed ANIMUS FEMINA, a theatrical show,  staged in french, english and italian language.  


Unfortunately, even fairy tales come to an end, as well as this fellowship, brusquely interrupted after 10 intense years.


Marco was the Local Casting and Local Coordinator for Cirque du Soleil production at World Expo in Milan 2015.

He also took care of the joint press launch conference, with both companies' presidents


Creating several shows with a full cast of artists, he also staged the first aerial show ever held at new Piazza Città di Lombardia to present TIM main sponsorship at  World Expo Milano 2015


The many collaborations with Hollywood legendary Douglas Kirkland included bringing him with live appearances and spectacular exhibitions to Bangkok International Film Festival and Venice Film Festival.


During the famous Redentore Venice celebration, he brought in St Marco's Square a Toyota team that drove the Marco Polo journeys from Asia.

In Milano he realized the human part of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s piece of art: Terzo Paradiso - La Mela Reintegrata, in the same square where he later set a show to celebrate Tiffany largest boutique in Europe. 

Lately, he took care of celebrations for both Milan Malpensa & Linate airports and international events for Luxottica Group and Mattel EMEA

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