The Team 

       CEO & Founder

        Marco Acerbi

Creative and Artistic Director, Producer, Artist's Manager


2017-present Cirque of Life 

2014-2015​ Cirque du Soleil local coordinator x World Expo in Milan 

2008-2017 Physical Poetry, Partner, CEO & Art Director

1992-2014 10 CC Communication Corporation CEO & Founder

1982-1995 Performing Artist 


Education:Performing Arts,Visual Communications,Public Relations


 General Manager

Bruno Chiodi

     Mentor, Producer, Event Organizer of big events in Italy 

from live concerts U2, Gods of Metal, etc. to Holy Popes' open public appearances

Media Parent Company

a creative production company based in Milan.
operating in advertisment productions, table top, corporate films, feature films, documentaries and tv programming.

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